The California Watershed Posse (CWP) provides it's stakeholder members a complete menu of watershed stewardship and integrated resource management and planning services. Our CWP natural systems professionals provide communities and landowners solutions that meet even the most challenging watershed conditions.

The CWP specializes in State and National Fire Plan projects whether in Wilderness Areas or Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Zones.  

In addition, the CWP team designs and implements Forest Plans, Watershed Plans, Integrated Vegetation Management, and Fire Safe Plans that maintain natural processes and beauty while addressing fire fuel hazards reduction, rehabilitation, and fuel modification.

The re-establishment of native species is integrated through an appropriate combination of manual, mechanical, livestock, and natural treatments....


The Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation dba Save Our Bay and California Watershed Posse, founded in 1995, is organized under the California Non-profit 501(C)3 Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. 

We are dedicated to the advocacy of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and a coalition member of the Water Quality Protection Program  (WQPP) that endeavors to preserve and protect the 2.6 million Bay Area Water User's San Francisco Peninsula Watershed's  Hetch Hetchy reservoirs,  clean water, marine and watershed resources within its boundaries.

In the year 2000, Save Our Bay was invited by the California Fire Safe Council to become the first private sector community based non-profit  organization to represent the San Francisco Peninsula "wildland areas" located entirely in the County of San Mateo.


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Beach, Pool, and Other Recreational Water Closures! 
The following locations are posted with warning signs....

California is Burning!

The state is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in history with 1,000 more wildfires this year than last.  In March 2015, NASA scientist proclaimed that "California's reservoirs have one year of water left!"  In 2013 the largest wildfire ever in the Sierra Nevada, the Yosemite National Park Rim Fire, took two months to fully contain and seared more than 250,000 acres.    

Scientist say that Californians should prepare for a future of more Yosemite National Park RimFires, fueled by climate change, drought, and forest mismanagement.  

The San Francisco Peninsula Watershed located entirely in San Mateo County has been grossly mismanaged by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), National Park Service (NPS), Rancho Corral de Tierrra (NPS) California State Parks, Quarry-Wicklow Park (CSM), Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), Quarry -Wicklow Park Fuels Management Plan (POST) and  Mid-Peninsula Open Space District (MROSD) since the 1994 publishing of the San Francisco Watershed Management Plans Department Public Opinion Survey Report (POSR).