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The Lack of Will, Not Money. In an affluent region where billions of dollars are collected annually by the San Francisco City / County government, there is a predisposition to assign fire prevention and suppression to a poor cousin long before other infrastructure and services needs are met. In an affluent region where billions of dollars from around the world enter the economy every week, why is there no “white knight” amongst the technology giants and captains that has stepped forward to address this shortfall? Aside from having all the money in the world but no will to use it, just how do we finance such an important public work? As California enters a new era of climate uncertainty in which cataclysmic fires could be the “new normal”people can minimize fire risk by choosing not to live in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), areas that are identified as fire hazard zones due to the presence of flammable vegetation.

In 1994, the San Francisco Water Department published the San Francisco Watershed Management Plans Department Public Opinion Survey Report (POSR) Their Executive Summary found water users determined the greatest role for the SFPUC was to “limit access to the watershed”, and restrict human degradation of the reservoirs. SFPUC acts as chief authority in securing this resource. 

This is a tried and true historical measure for protecting watersheds meant for large human populations.Golden Gate National Recreation Area,situated in and around San Francisco including the San Francisco Peninsula Watershed, is the most visited park in the National Park Service, hosting more than 15 million visitors in 2019. While it’s easy to point at the hundreds of fires along the west coast and blame it on climate change, 90 percent of wildfires are in fact human caused according to Catastrophes Facts + Statistics: Wildfires 2020 Report.   

Since September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, Save Our Bay aka California Watershed Posse, has monitored the STOP’S Pollution Control Efforts in San Mateo County and Eco-terrorism impacting the San Francisco Peninsula Watershed. 

On January 20, 2021 President Biden opened the Southern borders of the United States inviting all who wanted to enter the U.S. where welcome. The Mexican Cartels immediately took control of our Southern borders and are rapidly expanding  Areas of Influence nationwide throughout the United States. 

The wind wasn’t blowing in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s direction this past Wednesday. First came the CapRadio investigation that found the governor vastly overstated the amount of land treated with fuel breaks and prescribed burns to prevent wildfires from harming California’s most vulnerable communities. Newsom claimed in January 2020 it was 90,000 acres; the actual number was 11,399. Months later, California saw its largest fire season in recorded history — and experts say this year could be even worse.

How much in higher water bills would the public be willing to pay for greater public access? 55% of respondents are willing to pay $1 or more per month for their water in order to fund additional water treatment, protective services and greater public access. According to the POSR (Section 2.10) the water users surveyed reported a willingness to pay $1 per month or more in order to secure the SFPUC watersheds on either side of the San Francisco Bay. Advancements in fuel management technologies make this goal attainable for $12 per month.

Our Fire Safe Council proposes a Public / Private Partnership with SFPUC that will help fund the services needed to manage our watersheds and prevent catastrophic complex wildfires, in perpetuity. For $12 per month the 2.7 million Bay Area water users accounts can accomplish this goal together, and prevent a San Francisco Peninsula Watershed Perfect FireStorm.

Our Campaign Begins Here

1.  Engage the expertise of Forest Fuel Management Specialists

2. Remove thousands of tons of dead trees and brush fuel from the 23,000 acres of San Francisco Peninsula Watershed lands adjacent to Highway 280 and  El Granada’s Quarry-Wicklow Park by completing the Wicklow Fuel Management Plan by December 2024.

3. Educate the residents and San Mateo County stakeholders how to protect their property in the event of wildfire.

4. Sign Our Petition Here